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Red Dwarf is Derek Knowles and Spencer Seibert. We met four years ago and made a film about a small instrument hurtling into outer-space. We’re sure there’s a metaphor there somewhere, but we’re still not sure what. We enjoyed working together and learning about new worlds and people; we’ve found excuses to do so ever since.

We’re believers of the adage that we don’t choose the stories, they choose us, and looking at what we’ve made films about - a man’s love of plants, a letter carrier’s final day, a bus-jumping skateboarder, a small town’s changing identity in the aftermath of a fire - that’s probably true.

But what has emerged in the stories we’ve been lucky enough to tell is an appreciation of the overlooked. Sometimes it’s people, other times situations or perspectives that go unnoticed by most.

We’re a small team and while we take pride in the freedom and mobility that comes from controlling our means of production (we shoot and edit ourselves), we love the growth and new ideas that come from collaborations. None of what we’ve created would be possible without the collaborators below.

Based between California and Chicago, but travel everywhere else.