An official selection for the 2018 Thin Line Film and Music Festival, "Crosstown" is set against the backdrop of Chicago in 2016 as the Cubs return to the World Series for the first time since World War II. The city celebrates...some of it, that is.

For over a hundred years, the Chicago Cubs and their fans were synonymous with losing. Instead of inspiring apathy, this lack of on-field success did the opposite, birthing generations of supporters whose long-suffering was mythologized in SNL skits, heart-wrenching losses, and a moniker - The Lovable Losers - that captured the Cubs’ exalted cultural status. It was easy to forget that another (more successful) professional baseball team called the city home: the White Sox, located on the city’s less affluent South Side and perpetually consigned to the role of younger sibling in the hearts and minds of Chicagoans.

This all came to a head in October of 2016, when the Cubs made the World Series for the first time since 1945 and a city waited in anticipation of what would happen next. Crosstown takes us to that week and in a pastiche of North Siders, South Siders, and those in between, ponders how sports, culture, and urban identity all intermix.